Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's Back to School Bash 2014 Time!!!!!!

It's the week I've been waiting for…and keeping a big secret…until NOW! It's time for the 2014 Back to School Bash, and I couldn't be more excited about hosting it with some of my favorite teachers bloggers friends! Be sure and follow all of these girls to stay up-to-date on what you can win over the next few days! It all begins TOMORROW and it's completely out of control! So brace yourself!

      </ a>      

Along with the 18 Bash Baskets that you will see in a minute, there will also be a GRAND PRIZE, but that won't be announced until…

Are you ready for some amazing giveaways and prizes? You will want to stop by all of the blogs above for you chance to win all 18 Bash Baskets. I know, I know…you are so excited! Like jump out of your chair excited! But…it doesn't start until tomorrow.So sit back, relax, and enjoy some of our awesome sponsors! 

Let's Talk Teacher {All About that PD!}
1. SDE: A two- day conference or seminar. 
2. The Ron Clark Academy: School visitation and signed copy of Crash Course by Kim Bearden

Classroom Essentials
1. Classroom Carpet from Kids' Carpet
2. The Quietest Pencil Sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies
3. Jumbo Classroom Timer from Lakeshore Learning Materials

What's in your teacher bag? 
1. Laptop Sleeve and Teacher Bag from Lilia Vanini 
2. Custom Phone Case from Cuptakes
3. Younique Fiber Mascara (because every teacher needs fabulous lashes) :)  

Classroom Must Haves
1. Personalized Pencil Decor from Yellow Bee Boutique
2. Chalk Talk Classroom Decor from Mardel
3: Teepee perfect for a classroom reading center from Ashley Gabby Designs

Classy up the Classroom
1. Pencil Decor from Young Love aDOORable Decor
2. Bebop Birdie Classroom Decor from Mardel
3. $40.00 TPT Gift Card

Classroom Swag Bag
1. $100 dollars worth of swag from Educational Insights
2. $100 Gift Card from Carson Dellosa

Decorate My Space
1. Dear Class Painted Canvas from JG Creations by Jenna</ a>
2. $100 Gift Card from Schoolgirl Style 

Accessorize Me!
5 Winners: 
$30 Gift card to design your custom case from Put a Case on Me! 
1 Winner: 

For the Love of Blogging
1. $125.00 Custom Blog Design from PJ's Design Laboratory 

All Things Monogrammed
1. Denim shirt and boot socks from Shop Memento
2. Monogrammed clutch from Social Manor
3. Monogrammed bracelet & necklace from Antebellum Baubles

It's the Planner in Me! 

If the Shoe Fits!
1. $100 Gift Card to Jo Totes</ div>
2. $50.00 Gift Card from Tieks</ div>

Feed Your Marker Addiction!
1. A years supply of Scentos makers

Organize Me and More...
1. C. Jayne Teach Teacher Anchor
2. Decor Pack and $25 Gift Card from Teach Created Resources
3. Caddy from Land of Nod</ a>

Techno Savvy
1. HUE HD Camera and Animation Software from Hue Animation
2. $25.00 to MPIX (Print your instagram pictures)

Rock On with these Resources
1. 3  CD's from Kids Count 123
2. Jack Hartman's Science Songs All Day Long
2. Swag Bag from GoNoodle including a GoNoodle Plus Membership
4. ALLSTAR Ellison Machine from Ellison Education

Classy Up Your Resources
1. All Fonts Commercial License form KG Fonts
2. Lifetime License of Clip Art from Sarah Cooley
3. $35 Gift Card from Graphics from the Pond
4. $35 Gift Card from Melonheadz Illustrating 

The Teacher's Kid
1. Monogrammed Lunch Bag from Tin Tree Gifts
2. $50 Gift Card from Married in May
3. Back to School Dress from Round the Bend Again

As if all of that isn't enough…each basket will also include…

It all begins tomorrow! Don't forget to look for this little button on each blog that will take you directly to the next prize package! Hopefully this will save you lots of time during the B2S rush!  

See you all back tomorrow for some giveaway fun! 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Big Boy Bedroom for Becks :)

I spent much of last week making Becks' room into a little boy haven.  I really wanted his room to be a space that he wanted to be.  His qualifications: BUNKBEDS.  We obliged.

Bunk beds from a local furniture store | Rug from Homegoods Summer 2013   

Christmas lights from Target   |   Curtains from Target

Bible Verse Canvas by moi  |  Thrifted dresser for 5 bucks and 3 cans of Mandarin Krylon 

Magnetic Steel Boards from Michael's   |   Succulents from Kroger   |   Fish Artwork by Becks

Box from Target   |   Crocodile {plastic} Skull from thrift store   

Beanbag from Land of Nod   |   Beckham pillow from Namely Pillows   |   Wall hangers from IKEA

Avengers artwork from Hobby Lobby    |   Hook hanger from Target   

Lamp from Homegoods   |   Ottoman from Target   |   Desk from Target   

Wire Basket from Tuesday Morning   |   Alarm clock from Walmart   |   Mirror from Homegoods

Vintage Michigan license plate from a yardsale

Mugs from Target   |   Vintage mason jars from antique mall

Map from Target   |   Frame from IKEA   |  Plastic book bins from Walmart   |   'B' from Hobby Hobby 

 This adorable kid is no longer in production.  We own the only make and model :)

Monkey from Darlybird   |    Decorative pillow from Target

So, that's it!  Lots of fun to do!  
Are you doing any home makeovers this summer??? 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

What I'm Doing Now!

You would think that school is staring soon or something!  I am cramming as much as I possibly can into the summer months, knowing that time is fleeting and we'll be back in the [home]school groove before we know it.  Well, I hope we find a groove.  *praying*

So, outside of consoling my always-happy-baby who is battling the angst of two new teeth, I've been decorating and DIYing and redoing like WHOA.  And, thrifting.  Can't forget the thrifting.  

Becks' room is getting all big-boy-itized.  Still working on it.  I'll share the completed room soon!

They just opened a new thrift store, so - of course - I needed to stop by.  Right in time, too.  The sales lady said my newest pieces had been in the shop for less than 2 hours!  #winning

What you endure when your mama like to thrift.  I need a truck.  

Aren't they a pretty pair?  Painted in the softest, pale pink.  LOVE. 

Today's project involves a $5 dresser I picked up two years ago.  It sat out in the rain and is water marked and bubbly, but I don't care.  It's getting a fresh new coat of Mandarin Orange to accent Becks' new room (his color choice, not mine...I couldn't decide, actually, so I deferred to him!).  

I also bundled this bad boy, today.  Y'all have been asking for years, and after realizing it's much easier than I thought to make a bundle (duh), I put them all together.  I just added it to my Christmas in July sale (along with all the individual packs, too), where you can save 20% (or $12!!!!) from now through Saturday.  Scoop it up while you can!

{Click on the pic to check it out!}

Happy Thursday!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Game On!

I noticed over the [looooong] winter that Becks had become a little more competitive and a little more eager to school me in a game of Memory or Go Fish using a plain, old deck of playing cards.  It didn't take me long to realize that I needed to capitalize on his interest in card games and make something that would feed his need to win and help him to work on a skill.  I figured that other kiddos would probably fit the same bill, too :)

I also kept me in mind while I was thinking about a new resource.  As a teacher, my time is limited.  If I'm going to be printing, laminating, and cutting, it needs to be fast.  Fortunately, cutting out playing cards only requires straight line cuts (#winning) and each pack comes in color and black/white to help you save on ink! Literally, a whole center in less than ten minutes from printer to playing! 

Each center is based off of a Kindergarten Reading Foundational standard and allows students to work on phonological awareness, phonics, or a combination of the two.  There are two options for playing - Memory and Go Fish - using the same set of cards.  Both are easy to understand and require little teacher direction.  

Furthermore, I included 10 half-sheet exit slips so that you can use these centers during RTI or Literacy Centers!  BOOM.  {If you're not familiar with exit slips, they are a quick assessment that you can do at the end of a lesson/activity to assess student performance on a particular skill.}

Becks and I played this morning for our Intro-to-Home School-Mommy-As-A-Teacher time this morning using the Medial Sound cards, since this is an area that he needs to work on.  {Yes, these could DEFINITELY be used for first graders, too, though I will be coming out with Center in a Minute sets using First Grade standards!}  

I loved seeing his little brain at work, as he concentrated on listening for the sound in the middle of the word. it!
Yes, he is dressed as Firefighter Beckham today :) 

 The exit slip showed me right away that he was understanding the concept, but could still use more work.  We'll definitely play again tomorrow!

Currently, there are seven separate sets, addressing seven different standards. Alternatively, you could purchase the bundle, which will save your $5 (that's like getting two packs for FREE!).  Click the pics below to check them out!




Good news!  All of these packs are on sale for the next three days of my Christmas in July Sale! Click the image below to see the packs altogether.

That means the individual centers are TWO BUCKS and the bundle is TEN BUCKS!  This sale will run through Wednesday :)

Aaaaaaand, in case you needed to see a cute picture of Faith with her new baby toofers, see below :)  
She is also celebrating Christmas in July, since these Christmas jammies most certainly didn't fit her three pound body back in December!  Ten pounds later, she is rockin' them!

Happy Monday!