Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Of Coffee and Christ.

I have been absolutely terrible about my quiet time lately.  

While in the throes of the first trimester, I developed aversions to coffee and sleep - two things that made getting up at 5am to have my quiet time each morning much more tolerable when I was able to tolerate them.  But, after many nights of insomnia, I found myself clinging to every last second of sleep when I could enjoy it, often waiting until I absolutely had to get Becks up for school before I would rise and then creeping back under the covers while he was showering and dressing for the day.  Knowing that I wouldn't enjoy a cup of coffee once I made it downstairs made it even harder to pull the covers back!

Generally, I've felt pretty "off" lately. I blame these crazy hormones that have taken over my body and drained my motivation.  {Admission: I pretty much took up residence in front of our fireplace for the entire month of January, moving only when necessary.  I was convinced I'd succumbed to some type of pregnancy coma and/or depression.  It was awful.} 

 These are not really good excuses for not spending time with my Savior, though, and my lack of connection has really been weighing heavy on my heart lately.  It's especially apparent when I'm feeding Faith her nightly bottle, sitting in the quiet darkness, reflecting back over the day and realizing I haven't spent a single second talking to Him. The one who has done so much, and yet I talk to Him so little.

  I know that I need to dig back into the word and abide in his presence.  Less of me, more of Him.  

Have you ever felt like your prayer life was drab?  Your Bible reading an inferior priority on your to-do list?  Your time with Him non-existent? 

Me, too.  I'm here right now, feeling the disconnect but knowing better.  

Talk to me, friends.  How did you wade out of those waters?  

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

From the Materni-files...

How are you feeling?  

So, it's been seven years since I've been pregnant, and I've largely forgot what it's like to be sharing your body with another being.  This may come as a shock and please don't think I am in any way not excited and overjoyed and in love with the final result, but I actually do not enjoy being pregnant.  Baby?  Oh, yes, yes, yes!  Over the moon about the baby!  Weight gain and nausea and food aversions and swollen everything and hormones?  Um, notsomuch.  

 This really isn't a complaint as much as it is a fact for me.  There are those of us who loooooooooove being pregnant, those who don't mind it, and those of us who are miserable and pretty much don't like it at all and could nine months just hurry up already?! I fall into the latter category.   

I'd always imagined myself as the basketball belly preggo.   I am not.  I won't fool you.  I'm going to tell you upfront that I will be large and in charge by the end of this pregnancy.  Mostly because I'm on my second brownie of the night and I don't just gain weight here (I'm pointing to my belly), I gain weight here and here and here and here and here (I'm pointing everywhere, plus my belly).  Also, most healthy things sound completely unappealing, unless maybe someone else is cooking them.  The mere thought of baking a sweet potato or throwing together a salad sounds repulsive.  Of all things, thyme - the spice - is what really grosses me out.  Random, I know, but it's actually in a lot of things, and even though I'm happily beyond the all-day-nausea, the thought of thyme still sends my gag reflexes reeling.  

Overall, though, I feel much better.  My energy has returned, most of my motivation to just wake up and do life is on the rebound, and I am really starting to give my leggings a good stretch everyday.  

How exactly did you get pregnant?  I thought you were infertile...

As many pregnancies are, this one is still a bit of a surprise - especially after four years of infertility.  I've joked with some of my girlfriends (who have also conceived after trying bouts of infertility), that I'm convinced that the science behind getting pregnant is a farce.  All the calculating and timing and crazy positions and drugs and ovulation tests are for naught.  Like, God just looks over at his angels, nods with confidence, cracks his knuckles, and declares, Yup.  Today is the day.  BOOM.  Your pregnant.  Because pregnancy seems to occur when you're least expecting it, right?

This is TMI, so feel free to skip the next paragraph...

I was actually in Walmart, with both kids, wearing a really pretty sundress this past summer when I had an issue that required me pushing the entire cart into the restroom (AT WALMART WITH THE KIDS) so I could determine whether or not I'd actually wet myself or if my uterus had chosen that opportune time to expel itself from my body.  Needless to say, I had to figure out a way to dump the cart and exit the store with my backside inches from the wall.  Then I called my doctor panicking a little bit.  I made an appointment and tried to stay off Google.  Because, you know, Dr. Google is well-known for diagnosing DEATH.  So.

The appointment was your run-of-the-mill exam, until he said, Has anyone ever suggested you may have endometriosis?    

Excuse me, come again?  

I knew Dr. Google well enough to know that endometriosis was code for INFERTILITY.  

So, um, no, doc.  In FOUR YEARS, no one has so much mentioned that to me.  Not any other OBGYNs, nor the fertility doctors that we saw.


So, back in September I had surgery - a DNC and a laparoscopy.  There was a little bit of endometriosis, but also a uterine polyp, and both were possible contributing factors to my infertility.  

However - and this is the best however in the history of howevers - I would not be the mommy to my sweet little Faith if this issue had been found any earlier.  My friend, Sarah, said it best: So amazing how God closed the door of fertility just long enough for you to answer the call of adoption and receive your sweet Faith.  Yes, that!  Soooooooooo that!  

Will you find out what you're having?

Of course!  I can hardly wait!  I'll be 15 weeks on Friday, and will schedule a 20 week ultrasound at my next appointment :)

What do you think you're having?

A girl.  Becks is my little prophet child, and he also thinks the baby is a girl, as does Brandon.  A boy or a girl will be just lovely.  

Do you have any names picked out?

Not a one!  Brandon likes traditional, Biblical names...and I do not.  Being a teacher doesn't help this cause, or the fact that everyone is having babies and have already declared their names thereby making them obsolete in my mind.  

Friday, February 13, 2015

You've Got the WRITE Stuff, Baby!

Hi there friends!!  If y'all are anything like us then you are stoked about NKOTB being on tour right now! #ThrowbackGroupie  A few of my favorite blogging friends got together and we are super pumped to be hosting the "You Got the 'Write' Stuf, Baby!" writing resource giveaway in honor of these yummy guys and... 
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Check out what each of us are giving away below... 
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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A REALLY BIG update...

Sooooo, it's been approximately eight weeks since I've blogged.  

Eight long, really nauseous weeks.  Full of changes for the Mullins family. 

I have so much to share, so we'll start with the biggest change :)

Let me take you back to December.  Saturday, December 13th to be precise.  

We were on our way home from a Christmas activity, and stopped to pick up some supplies (read: libations) for an upcoming cookie party my sisters, mom, and I were hosting.  As Brandon was getting ready to go into the store, I opened the car window and whispered: Hey!  Wait!  I motioned for him to come closer and then filled him in, right there in the parking lot, that I was more than a couple days late.  Will you go get a test?! I prompted.  

No.  Of course he wouldn't.  

Me?  Pregnant?  That was crazy to even suggest.  It'd been four years full of infertility and several dozen wasted pregnancy tests.  How on earth could that even be possible?  I knew it was likely wishful thinking, so off he ran into the store, and I tried to forget the fact that my suspicions were still unconfirmed.

The next morning at church, the sweet old lady in front of me...ummmm...smelled a little.  No one else seemed to notice, but my senses seemed to be at attention.  By that night I just had to take a test.  I was five days late at this point and thinking that a test would at least rule out the obvious.

I got home, took the test, and before the neutral line could turn blue, the first line appeared in all it's blue glory.  Like, BLUE-BLUE.  Like, I had to go read the instructions to interpret the result because I hadn't remembered seeing that particular line on any of the other 489 tests I'd taken in as many months.  Pregnant!  We were pregnant!

And, just like that, a family of four to a family of five.

I shared the news with Brandon instantly, not knowing that a pair of six-year-old ears were hanging out on the stairs, listening to our conversation.  We hugged, I cried.  Becks found us and said, Mom, what's wrong?!  Happy tears! I explained, thinking that would be enough to reassure him all was okay.  But, why are you crying?  ARE YOU PREGNANT?!

That little stinker heard the whole conversation!  This is EPIC! he responded.  We shared with family and close friends immediately, and then awaited my first appointment to share out.  Which was today.  We heard that sweet little heartbeat.  
This is the 6 week ultrasound :)

I'll be 13 weeks on Friday.  Due August 21st.  

Excited.  Scared.  Nervous.  Nauseous.  Minivans.  Overwhelmed with the Lord's plan for our family.

Honestly, this is the first week I've felt mostly normal.  Weeks six through about eleven were pretty miserable.  I don't know if it's because I'm seven years older than when I was pregnant with Becks or what, but this has been a very different pregnancy.  Plus, the addition of managing two other kiddos?  Maybe a girl?  Who knows, but it's definitely been a challenge!  

I'm definitely looking a little pudgy around the middle.  The whole is she? or isn't she? phase.  I am!  

For your viewing pleasure.  

PS.  I gained 60+ lbs with Beckham.  Anything less than that this time will be considered a win.  Even if it's 59.5 lbs.  

PSS.  I am behind on everything. Email, blogging, TpT.  Everything.  Life has been REALLY crazy, in addition to the whole feeling like crap thing, so bear with me while I get my act together.  

PSSS.  I promise updates on homeschooling (Becks returned to public school about a month ago), the dog (B got a Great Dane for his 33rd birthday), and our move (yes, we ARE crazy).  We wanted to see how many life events we could cram into two years.

Thanks for your patience!  Happy Tuesday to you!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Soaking Up the Season

\\ Family Outing to An Old Kentucky Christmas  \\

\\  Christmas Shopping at the Mall \\

\\ Wrestling Matches with Daddy \\

\\ Santa Pancakes \\

\\ Pillow Boat Building \\

\\  Sugared Pecans \\

\\ Date Night \\

'Tis the Season!